About Us

Everythink is a system for imagination development. Do not be afraid – we have done this for the employees of various leading companies. If you follow the Matrix that consists of 12 techniques for creative idea generation and 48 dimension of the imagination you will also develop not only your imagination but also your creative potential. These techniques are known worldwide and have been used for the creation of genius inventions and discoveries in the past decades. We broaden the scope of these techniques beyond their current use and apply them to various practical aspects of our everyday life.

Our consciousness is formatted by this standardized world we live in. With Everythink you will get the opportunity to tune in to the waves of irregularity and will begin to create ideas for your business or everyday life, which you never expected were in your power. It’s easy.

The human has been created to create – that is why our creative sessions are so successful and entertaining. They include group games and exercises, thus fine-tuning the way you perceive and react to reality.