Company Training

Duration: 7 sessions of 90 min.


During this training you will:


o   Understand the essentials of each creative technique for idea generation

o   Gain the knowledge of applying the techniques in practice

o   Become familiar with various successful and innovative products that have been created through the use of these techniques

o   Develop your imagination with the help of our interesting and provocative exercises

o   Look at a case study, which concerns your company or business field and will come up with new ideas as a solution for this particular case

o   Find out the extent to which your creative potential is developed and will see how much it has improved as a result of our sessions

o   Have a lot of fun


As a result, you will:

o   Open your consciousness for new ideas

o   Know where to look for unconventional solutions

o   Know how to create interesting concepts, related to your business or everyday life all by yourself

o   Recognize everything new in what seems to be familiar

o   Develop your senses

The fee for a company training is €1750.