Seminar "You have no idea how many ideas you have"

Where are your ideas?

Would you like to tune your thinking to the unconventional waves? Would you like to create new ideas for both your business and everyday life? How often have you had the urge to create something spectacular, something different? All notable inventions and discoveries are the result of a single good idea. Success cannot be achieved only through hard work, but also through innovation, which is why it is extremely important that you develop your imagination constantly.

It’s easy, you simply need the desire!

Unleash the genius in you and take part in our seminar “You have no idea how many ideas you have”.

Within two sessions you will:

● Understand the essentials of each creative technique for idea generation
● Become familiar with various successful and innovative products that have been created through the use of these techniques
● Develop your imagination with the help of our interesting and provocative exercises
● Learn how and where to find all unconventional solutions
● Know how to create interesting concepts, related to your business or everyday life all by yourself

We will measure your creative potential before and after the seminar. If this potential hasn’t improved at least double, your participation will be free of charge!

We have organized seminars and trainings for various leading companies, one of which – the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Though creativity is what the agency works with on a daily basis, all employees were enthusiastic about taking part in the training and were pleasantly surprised by the improvement in their ability to think in a different manner.

The fee for individual participation in the seminar is €40. Normally, you would easily pay such an amount of money for a concert ticket, a night at a hotel or a nice dinner at a restaurant. All of these activities are wonderful, but once you go to the concert, spend the night at the hotel or eat your dinner, you would need 40 more Euros to do it all over again.

We give you the opportunity to invest these 40 Euros in your personal development, to break down the standard patterns of your thinking and use all you learn for the rest of your life. If you take part in our seminar you will leave our office with an official certificate for participation and a huge smile on your face!

Every other person you bring along will have the chance to participate in the seminar for half the price.

Sign up for the seminar by giving us a call on 00359 886 166 366, or sending us an e-mail at

All payments are made by bank transfer.