Duration: 4 hours

Number of participants: 10 – 20


During this seminar you will:


o   Understand the essentials of each creative technique for idea generation

o   Become familiar with various successful and innovative products that have been created through the use of these techniques

o   Develop your imagination with the help of our entertaining and provocative exercises

o   Have a lot of fun


As a result, you will:

o   Open your consciousness for new ideas

o   Know where to look for unconventional solutions

o   Know how to create interesting concepts, related to your business or everyday life all by yourself

o   Look at the world through a whole new perspective

The fee for an individual participation in the seminar is €40.


Normally, you would easily pay such an amount of money for a concert ticket, a night at a hotel or a nice dinner at a restaurant. All of these activities are wonderful, but once you go to the concert, spend the night at the hotel or eat your dinner, you would need 40 more Euros to do it all over again.

Now, you could invest the same €40 in your own development, you could break down the standard patterns of your thinking and use all you learn for the rest of your life.


The fee for a company seminar is €350.